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  • Don't be so afraid.

    When I was young, I was so afraid of the dark, that if I was visiting a friend, and it was time to go home, whilst dark, I would run, right up the middle of the street.

  • Optimizing for happiness?

    The following is a little exploration on the above, which, for me, boils down to a simple conscious choice – what’s more important, helping the people around you, or making money?

  • What is your best first investment?

    What do you think your best first investment should be?

  • Summary of Key Points on Agile for Business Leaders

    To set the right context, Agile isn’t about short cuts, it often means decisions are delayed until there is enough insight to make any action taken build meaning or have value. This also means retaining flexibility until it shouldn’t be necessary. Therefore, as you build on previous decisions the environment should be becoming stronger, and projects should be moving faster.

  • Are you a developer who wants a Best Selling Startup?

    Three risks to consider in a software startup.