When I was young, I was so afraid of the dark, that if I was visiting a friend, and it was time to go home, whilst dark, I would run, right up the middle of the street.

I now understand that was a primal instinct. The lizard brain, screaming that it doesn’t like the possibility that something unknown could even exist, never mind threathen our life.

Now, I enjoy going for a leisurely stroll, at night time, around the neighbourhood. I know their are some places in the world where this wouldn’t be advised, there are also places where this would be magical. We make a choice on what to focus on, or to believe in.

The point is, we become better at judging risk, by being exposed, by building awareness of the facts - calculating the risk. Then, the more we take action the better we become.

Our senses are programmed to be heightened and feel fear when confronted by the unknown, when we limit ourselves and stay where we feel comfortable, we don’t grow, we never experience the joy on the other side. The joy being either a feeling of accomplishment or that we were able to overcome our fears and realise that it wasn’t so bad, and in the majority of cases is actually quite exciting.

It’s self-perpetuating, the more we expose ourselves to unknowns (risk), and find the courage to overcome our fears, the more we confirm that not only, will we be fine, we actually benefit from seeking challenging opportunities.

Still doesn’t mean I like snakes though.

#takerisks #embraceyourfears