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  • Be a grown up

    To be in construction, you have to be a grown up.

  • Identity Based To-Do List

    Optimise taking action on your to do items that continue to prove who you want to be to yourself.

  • Home. Educated.

    I was trying to teach my youngest son to use nail clippers, he struggled, I talked about leverage. This prompted us to watch a YouTube video, about the mighty mathematics of the lever, with his younger sisters… 4 days later we’re at the park, they and a friend jump on a double see saw (4 of them, and a little out of balance). My youngest daughter (5) starts shouting “lean forward, lean back”, co-ordinating the others to shift the weight distribution and get the see saw motion going. A very bright girl, I’m in awe of her ability to capture useful information, recall it at exactly the point of need, and take charge to drive change.

  • POWER words.

    I believe words have (personal) power. Our vocabulary can be truly transformational.

  • Structure determines behaviour (and outcomes)

    Habits are formed by feedback loops.