What do you think your best first investment should be?

  • Property?
  • Bank Savings?
  • Pensions?
  • Internet Stocks?
  • Startups?

What investment would guarantee you returns betweens 6%-27%, better in some cases. It is extremely difficult without some experience to guarantee returns like this using traditional investing approaches. Yes, skilled investors can achieve much greater than this. Are you a skilled investor?

Are you in personal debt in any way?

If yes, your best first investment is to get yourself out of personal debt. Pay off your credit card, if you don’t have one, pay off your personal loans, if you don’t have any, go you!

If you have any short term loans, get some help.

I’d recommend borrowing the following books from you local library:

Wealth is not about money, wealth is about options, options to do things you love with people you love .